Edwin Teal - author of In the Real World

"A story that will break your heart - then mend it again"

An unconventional love story involving a man from England (Vince Marshall) and a woman from Australia (Nikki Bailey). Through alleged "misfortune" they meet and fall in love. It is fast and furious - "absurd" from the outside.

They share a love capable of transcending all boundaries - known and seemingly unknown. Their future is set; their future is certain. Living their dream in a very real world. What could possibly go wrong? This is a story of perspectives, love, hate, selfishness, selflessness, joy, fear, sorrow, the ordinary and the extraordinary. Appealing to male and female readers alike.

Something I've got to do

I know that I have broken your heart...


What Joshua Saw

...but not for an eternity.



We've gotta get out of this place...


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