In the Real World by Edwin Teal - Preface

I am guilty; guilty of creating; guilty of intervening; guilty of causing love and guilty of causing pain.


Whilst writing this book I asked some people I know, "what if other authors feel what I feel? What if I am creating a universe where I am empowered to decide their destiny?"


Nikki and Vince are as real to me as you are; I see their world like a feature film playing in my head; I hear their laughs, their cries and their music. 


I am near them in that universe, observing them and loving them unconditionally. I also feel the love they have for each other right in the pit of my stomach; it is intense to the point of consuming everything touching it. If this love can be felt by simply reading words from a page then surely it must exist in our world.


I turn to you, the reader of this book, and my fellow traveller through life; I am taking your hand and I am leading you as we co-exist with them In the Real World.

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